Katharina Fritsch

Matthew Marks Gallery New York. Actual artist: Karharina Fritsch – „The Garden“ – Exhibition dates are May 03 – June 16, 2008. Get more information about Karharina Fritsch – Museum or Gallery informations: New York, Matthew Marks Gallery by Wikipedia.org / Portal:Arts. Buy arts from Karharina Fritsch or find objects, articles or web-projects? Art online: Karharina Fritsch by adaweb.com | Biography – Textportrait from Karharina Fritsch by Ralph Ueltzhoeffer & Laura May. Articles and texts actual: Recent modernization of the whole world has had a profound impact on all aspects of our lives, from our eating habits to our way of thinking, to our attitude toward traditional values. It has prompted me to reflect on our living space.

4 Kommentare
  1. Like a ghost, her existence rests always on the reality of un-reality, on the unseen and the untouched.

    Gefällt mir

  2. Luca Rosen sagte:

    Her identity is naive because it is undeveloped. Perhaps it remains undeveloped not just because we wish it to be so, but also because we need it to remain so.

    Gefällt mir

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