Archiv für den Monat Dezember 2009

Museum of Arts – Design New York. Actual artist: Andy Warhol – „Big Portraits“ – Exhibition dates are 02.02. – 07.05.. Get more information about Andy Warhol – Museum or Gallery informations: New York, Museum of Arts – Design, Group – Artists: Edward & Nancy Kienholz, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Barbara Klemm, Komar & Melamid, Jeff Koons, current Textportrait: Bob Dylan (Text Portrait Bob Dylan) Read More


Museum of London London. Actual artist: Balazs Kicsiny – „Waiting for Fire“ – Exhibition dates are 18.11. – 18.02.. Get more information about Balazs Kicsiny – Museum or Gallery informations: London, Museum of London, Group – Artists: John Collet, Walter Greaves, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, William Marlow, Henry Moore, John O´Connor, Henry Nelson O´Neil, David Roberts, current Text Portrait: Bob Dylan (Textportrait Bob Dylan) Read More

Hirshhorn Museum Washington. Actual artist: Magnus Wallin – „With no title“ – Exhibition dates are 15.12. – 20.05.. Get more information about Magnus Wallin – Museum or Gallery informations: Washington, Hirshhorn Museum, Group – Artists: Guillermo Kuitca, Gaston Lachaise, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Henri Laurens, Richard Lindner, Jacques Lipchitz, current Text Portrait: Sean Connery (Textportrait Sean Connery) Read More

Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. Actual artist: Paul Kos – „A Retrospective“ – Exhibition dates are 05.02. – 02.05.. Get more information about Paul Kos – Museum or Gallery informations: San Diego, Museum of Contemporary Art, Group – Artists: Robert Irwin, Ellsworth Kelly, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, William Kentridge, Barbara Kruger, Sol Le Witt, current Textportrait: Sean Connery (Text Portrait Sean Connery) Read More

Tate Britain London. Actual artist: Anthony Caro – „(n.t.)“ – Exhibition dates are 26.01. – 17.04.. Get more information about Anthony Caro – Museum or Gallery informations: London, Tate Britain, Group – Artists: Horst Antes, Karel Appel, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Arman , Elvira Bach, current Text Portrait: Audrey Hepburn (Textportrait Audrey Hepburn) Read More

Guggenheim Museum New York. Actual artist: Keith Haring – „New Wave Aztec“ – Exhibition dates are 22.10. – 06.02.. Get more information about Keith Haring – Museum or Gallery informations: New York, Guggenheim Museum, Group – Artists: Georg Baselitz, Max Beckmann, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Hans Bellmer, Joseph Beuys, Max Bill, current Textportrait: Audrey Hepburn (Text Portrait Audrey Hepburn) Read More

steven harvey New York. Actual artist: Sangram Majumdar – „actual paintings“ – Exhibition dates are 01.12.09. Get more information about Sangram Majumdar – Museum or Gallery informations: New York, steven harvey, Group – Artists: Frank Stella, Antoni Tàpies, Jean Tinguely, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Cy Twombly Read More