Archiv für den Monat September 2010

EXHIBITION: Gerald Peters Gallery New York. Artist: Dan Rizzie – „(No Title)“ – Exhibition dates: 23.09.10. Information about Dan Rizzie – Museum or Gallery informations: New York, Gerald Peters Gallery, Group – Artists: Read More


Exhibition at Gagosian Gallery Madison New York. Actual artist: Gregory Crewdson – „Sanctuary“ – Exhibition dates are 23.09.10 – 30.10.10. Get more information about Gregory Crewdson – Museum or Gallery informations: New York, Gagosian Gallery Madison, Group – Artists: by / Portal:Arts. Buy arts from Gregory Crewdson or find objects, articles or web-projects? Art online: Gregory Crewdson by | Biography – Textportrait from Gregory Crewdson by Gregory Crewdson. Articles and texts:

Artopsent ARTIST information: Ralph Ueltzhoeffer (Textportraits and installations 2010).