Gallery Exhibition View: Ralph Ueltzhoeffer Wikipedia (2011).

The New York Public Exhibitions 2008/2009 by Holland Shelby.
Ralph Ueltzhoeffer born 1966, Mannheim Germany. The „MISSING“ Project 2008 at Ground Zero, Cafe Europe and Chelsea Art Gallery Tomwell in New York City. In 2009 Project „MISSING“ at Prada shopping store, New York. In the “Textportraits” images and words are equally used to generate a portrait, understood as the visual representation of an individual. Combining the miscellaneous digital information he composes portraits using the word ”missing” referring to the trait of human cognition to hide daily routine perceptions in “blind spots”. Read More

Imaginationen des politischen Subjekts. Neue Formen der Community Artwork and Artist: Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Current Galleries, Museum (Exhibitions): Wiener Secession, Location/City: Wien. Open and Closed: 16.05.13 – 23.06.13. Find more current reviews about the exhibition: Wiener Secession, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Wien Artforum Review by Matt Sandle: Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, More Exhibitions: Wiener Secession; Wien; Ralph Ueltzhoeffer. MoMA (Museum of Modern Art, New York): Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Imaginationen des politischen Subjekts. Neue Formen der Community.
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