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Imaginationen des politischen Subjekts. Neue Formen der Community Artwork and Artist: Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Current Galleries, Museum (Exhibitions): Wiener Secession, Location/City: Wien. Open and Closed: 16.05.13 – 23.06.13. Find more current reviews about the exhibition: Wiener Secession, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Wien Artforum Review by Matt Sandle: Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, More Exhibitions: Wiener Secession; Wien; Ralph Ueltzhoeffer. MoMA (Museum of Modern Art, New York): Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Imaginationen des politischen Subjekts. Neue Formen der Community.
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at Gemini Artwork and Artist: Rauschenberg, Current Galleries, Museum (Exhibitions): Art Museum, Location/City: Palm Springs. Open and Closed: 16.03.13 – 23.06.13. Find more current reviews about the exhibition: Art Museum, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Palm Springs Artforum Review by Matt Sandle: Rauschenberg, More Exhibitions: Art Museum; Palm Springs; Rauschenberg. MoMA (Museum of Modern Art, New York): Title: Rechtsanwalt, Rauschenberg, at Gemini.
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Gagosian Gallery New York. Actual artist: Francesco Vezzoli – „Sacrilegio“ – Exhibition dates are February 5 – March 12, 2011. Get more information about Francesco Vezzoli – Museum or Gallery informations: New York, Gagosian Gallery, Group – Artists: by / Portal:Arts. Buy arts from Francesco Vezzoli or find objects, articles or web-projects? Art online: Francesco Vezzoli by | Biography – Textportrait from Francesco Vezzoli by Francesco Vezzoli. Articles and texts:

Current artists and exhibitions on Artopsent: Luc Tuymans, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer (Photography and paintings).

Galleries New York: David Zwirner Gallery.

PRESSRELEASE (Gagosian Gallery)
Robert McKeever, courtesy of Gagosian Gallery “Crying Portrait of Christie Brinkley As a Renaissance Madonna With Holy Child,” 2010, by Francesco Vezzoli. For his first solo show in a New York gallery, Francesco Vezzoli chose an apt title: “Sacrilegio.” Its irreverence starts with his redesign of that gallery, the expansive Gagosian space on West 21st Street. It is now a stripped-down, dimly lit Gothic church that is painted an Armani gray and is dedicated to a real Madonna, the source of Vezzoli’s diva complex – his own mother. Dressed as a nun, she appears in a video projected in a hushed alcove on the transept, singing to a young boy standing in for the artist. Actually, she is lip-syncing to “Dominique,” the 1963 hit by the Singing Nun (religion’s first pop star), as recorded in Italian by Orietta Berti. Read More