Ralph Ueltzhoeffer at Kinetica, London (Lightart-installations).

Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Lichtkunst-installation
Ralph Ueltzhoeffer (2010) Light Art

On August 22nd, 2006 the first and to this day only art project started which exclusively deals with the worldwide global networking, the internet and the therewith connected medial elements. Visual Display: Text portrait as visual display is inseparably assembled out of text (internet) and photos and is therewith bound to a readable portrait. The typeface white on black relates to the DOS input mode (visually). That way, in 2002 one of the first text portraits was created out of the text: Wikipedia „David Beckham“ and his portrait photo by Ralph Ueltzhoeffer.

Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Textportrait Missing at Ground Zero, New York   Identity Textportrait
Textportrait: MISSING, Ground Zero (2008).   Ralph Ueltzhoeffer

Public space: As the internet was in a new process of development regarding search functions at that time (2002/2003), exclusively digital presentation in the net was not imaginable. That is why the first text portraits were exhibited location-dependant on billboards (Plakatinstallation Mannheim) and so at least the public character of the art work could be met. Later, exhibitions at historical locations, as Ground Zero, New York as well as in showcases of cafés, subway stations etc., followed. “There is no location where art could not be presented”.

Galerie Weishaupt Montreux. Actual artist: Ralph Ueltzhoeffer – „Textportraits berühmter Persönlichkeiten des öffentlichen Lebens“ – Exhibition dates are 08.05. – 07.06. Get more information about Ralph Ueltzhoeffer – Museum or Gallery informations: Montreux, Galerie Weishaupt by / Portal:Arts. Buy arts from Ralph Ueltzhoeffer or find objects, articles or web-projects? Art online: Ralph Ueltzhoeffer by | Biography – Textportrait from Ralph Ueltzhoeffer by Ralph Ueltzhoeffer. Articles and texts:

Textportrait: Xavier Naidoo, Weishaupt Contemporary; Ralph Ueltzhoeffer.


Informationen zur Ausstellung: Ralph Ueltzhoeffer „Textportraits“ in der Galerie Weishaupt, Montreux CH.

Galerie Weishaupt.